“A risky, risqué multimedia frightfest” based on George Romero’s timeless black-and-white cult flick. 

An old institution meeting a new one, Night of the Living Dead: The Opera combines the entire 90-minute film with a new soundtrack performed live by Squonk Opera.

On stage, the Squonkers evoke, enact, intervene with, counterpoint, critique and deconstruct scenes in the film. Genteel tea parties on stage are contrasted with film images of zombies munching on human arms and legs.

Created in 1995.


“the best damn piece of original theater I’ve ever seen on a Pittsburgh stage.” - Pittsburgh City Paper

“the most fun you can have with 30-year old celluloid and state-of-the-art musical equipment” - In Pittsburgh

“a bracingly eccentric mode somewhere between MTV, surrealist art and macabre college high jinks” - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



The Band 
Kate Aronson

Electric Bass
Brian Berkheiser

Jackie Dempsey

Acoustic & Electronic Percussion
Kevin Kornicki

Flute, Sax, Wind Synth
Steve O’Hearn

The Team
Jackie Dempsey with Squonk Opera

Design & Staging
Steve O’Hearn

Concept Development
Steve O’Hearn, Jackie Dempsey, Kate Aronson,
Brian Berkheiser, Kevin Kornicki, Jed Allan Harris

Stage Direction
Jed Allan Harris

Lighting Design
Tim Saternow

Kate Aronson with Squonk Opera

Sound Design
Casi Pacilio

Sound Engineering
John Heaney

Stage Management
Patti Kelly

Movement Consultants
Dan Barnhill & Kate Kobak

Gwen Orel

Gay Kahkonen with Steve O’Hearn

Master Set Builder
Tony Ferrieri

Set & Prop Artists
Norman Beck, Kimberli Caputo, Julie Carson, Bill Ferchak, Paul Ford, Debbie & Jim Hackwelder, Dale Harper, Manual Torrefranca, Chris Walker