An aquatic spectacle gone awry, a ship of fools without a compass… 

Created from such diverse threads as medical textbooks, Godzilla movies, the writings of Michel Foucault and watery imagery, The Great Circle Route takes the Squonkers on a descent into madness, under the deep, dark sea. The Kraken, a brine ballet, scintillating piano duets, wacky sax duets and lots of synchronized swimming.

Flooding the stage, the Squonkers explore just how watertight your typical theater is.

Created in 1998.


The Band 
Double Bass
T. Weldon Anderson

Jackie Dempsey

Acoustic & Electronic Percussion
Kevin Kornicki

Jana Losey

Flute, Sax, Wind Synth
Steve O’Hearn

The Team
Jackie Dempsey with Squonk Opera

Design & Staging
Steve O’Hearn

Concept Development
Steve O’Hearn, Jackie Dempsey, Jana Losey, T. Weldon Anderson, Kevin Kornicki,
Casi Pacilio

Jana Losey with Squonk Opera

Sound Design
Casi Pacilio

Production Management
Casi Pacilio

Costumes, Set & Props
Steve O’Hearn, Casi Pacilio & Jana Losey